Top Poker Strategies to Make You a Better Player

Poker Strategy

Are you new to poker and want to win big? Have you been struggling to consistently make a profit or want to play like a pro? If your answer is 'yes' to either of these two questions, all that is needed is a clear poker strategy. Though some element of chance still comes into play in poker, it is the strategy that you adopt that can help you optimize winnings. The following are top tips and strategies you should consider. Building a poker strategy takes time and effort. There are some who avoid playing because they don't want to put in the time and effort. What if you could play without any risk to your wallet, or ego? Sound appealing, then it's time to learn about where you can play free poker win real money. You'll have the opportunity to play poker, win money, but not risk your own until you have built your fool-proof strategy.

Focus on Ranges as Opposed to Hands

One of the easiest methods to differentiate between elite and average poker players is looking at how they think about what cards their opponents have. An average player mainly thinks of placing somebody on a specific hand. However, elite players are focused on ranges.

A range means the entire spectrum of the hands an opponent can have in every competition. For example, opponent Y can have ace-high, a draw, bottom pair, middle pair, top pair flush, or a complete air-ball bluff.

In many cases, players show the entire range of hands with varying frequencies. This is what you should try to figure out. Then, make the best play. When using this poker strategy, always think about the opponent's range.

Always Follow Reason in Poker

If you take a closer look at elite poker players, one common thing is that they at times breakaway from their top poker strategies. However, they always have a reason for it. For example, many players opt to start from a common position to prompt their opponents to make specific moves. You should try to work out a logical alternative that is more profitable. This reasoned deviation is what can help you stand out in poker competitions. To see for yourself, watch any professional tournament, and take notice of the players' moves. Or better yet, start playing against other real people and practice. On, you can find the best poker games, including live poker rooms where you can test and improve your skills.

Do Away with the Favorite Hand

One of the poker strategies that a lot of people prefer is using their favorite hand. Though it makes sense to use the favorite hand especially in some spots such as the late position, it is advisable to avoid it in an early position. Poker is a game of strategy, logic, and math. Chance contributes a very small percentage and is likely to cause you consistent losses.

Pick the Game that Matches your Skill Level

If you have just won an impressive sum at $2/4, the instincts might tell you it is time to jump to $5/10. But that is a bad idea. When the stakes go up, the skill level also goes up. This means that the poker strategy you were applying at a lower level might not work. This could result in losses. Indeed, if you are making good winning stakes at current levels, why move?

Before moving to the next level, make sure to understand the involved risks and acquire the necessary skills. You might also want to review how the pros at that level are doing it.

If you want to make more winnings in poker, do not focus on chance. The above four strategies insist on using logic and progressively improving personal skills. Lastly, never forget that you can learn a great deal through video poker too which you can read about here.