A Blackjack Bonus is like Free Money in a Casino

There are many reasons why people choose internet gambling over its land-based counterparts. Convenience, easy access and the ability to enjoy a hand or two in their spare time are all cited as top benefits. However, the best benefit by far, at least according to those who love to play 21, is the exciting blackjack bonus variations that act just like free money! There are many different types, and learning all about them can help people choose the best one.

Since the welcome offer is likely going to be the largest available, it's necessary to take the time to compare the promotions being offered at several different venues before making any kind of decision. While one casino may be offering a huge blackjack bonus, the play-through requirements could render it useless if they're too high. Rather, it's best to find one that is a nice amount and has wagering requirements that the individual is actually going to be able to fulfill at some point. Otherwise, taking advantage of it will be pointless.

With that being said, it's also important to understand that there are different kinds of welcome promotions out there. First is the no-download offer that is typically a smaller amount between $5 and $50 that is awarded upon downloading software and registering a real-money account. A deposit match, on the other hand, is a percentage of an individual's deposit that is matched and placed in the account. For instance, a 100% match of up to $500 could result in a bankroll of $1000 if someone opts to make the full $500 payment. Of course, a payment of $100 would result in a $100 match and so on. These are good for those who have more money to spend or who resigned to making a payment to a particular venue.

Now, before anyone goes and gets too excited about the $500 they're going to get, it's time to think about the play-through requirements. In order for a venue to stop someone from cashing out their blackjack bonus as soon as they receive it, they're going to be required to wager a certain multiple of that amount beforehand. The average is between 25 and 30 times the sum of the payment and rewarded amount, though it can be higher or lower. Using the $500 example, if the play-through requirement is 25x, here's how it would work: that individual would have to wager ($500 + $500) x 25 to cash out, or a total of $25,000. It's going to take a while.

Finding a good blackjack bonus that doesn't have ridiculous wagering requirements isn't too hard, though, thanks to sites like Roxy Palace Casino. Here, there are many different offers from which individuals can select, and most of them can be used to play any title available and not just 21. The wagering requirements are all fairly easy to meet and the terms and conditions are spelled out in plain terminology. Getting started only takes a few minutes but the potential rewards are endless.